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Please pray for my brother

I found out yesterday that my brother Chuck's cancer (he got diagnosed with colon cancer a couple weeks before his 40th birthday) has spread. He now has to undergo months of chemo and radiation  treatment for a 50% chance of surviving. I just ask the blogosphere to send healing thoughts and prayers his way.

Thank you.


Geek author at UBS-Hilldale Oct 15th

Hi all, just wanted to spread the word of an upcoming author appearance at The University Book Store-Hilldale. Here's some links I got from google:



Thurs Oct 15


Madison, WI

University Bookstore at Hilldale


702 N. Midvale Blvd.

Event to include: reading, Q&A, book signing

(Contact: Greg Hoff (608) 310-5988 / ghoff@uwbookstore.com)

and if you want to support your independent book store and save some money on the book(it's out now)


Just an FYI that this Saturday is the CSTS event at Market Square go to www.cstsmadison.com for details. Oddcon will have a table before (and I maybe after) the show to advertise the con. We are also giving away two memberships at the event..

I'm Sad, Eli Stone is cancelled

Why oh why do network honchos cancel awesome shows like Eli Stone? Please give a shout out to Eli in the comments section please if you've seen the show and enjoyed it.

Oh Maggie, I shall miss you.


Pat Rothuss charity stuff


It looks like quite a response is being had by what Pat's doing.

University Book Store coupons

I work at The University Book Store on State and I want to let all my friends come shop there for dorky stuff:) We have D&D 4e books, Dork Tower and a Dr. Blink trade papers, other graphic novels, science ficiton(including books by Oddcon Guests of Honor Tobias Buckell and Emma Bull)
http://i.univbkstr.com/downloads/web_coupons.pdf  click on the link and print out the coupons for a 25% off one general book and help support a local business that pays my salary  :)


PBS poll about Sarah Palin

Heard about this on the MadSF yahoogroup by Jimmy the Gnome and that Republicans are flooding the poll with yes votes as to her qualifications. Go vote!


Sunday's Non Sequiter

Pretty awesome way to illustrate the road we've been traveling.